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6 Anti-Resolutions for an Innovative New Year!

Author: Robin Glasco

I recently read Why You Should Make An Anti-Resolution List (And What To Put On It) in FastCompany. Bottom line — New Year’s resolutions often don’t work because they are just too big. — i.e.,” I want to ‘live life to the fullest”. Instead, try a list of things you want to stop doing. The perfect antidote to those New Year’s resolutions.

So I figured I’d give it a go. But rather than go it alone, I’d like to invite you all to join me.

Stop following the rules. Not all rules. It is vital to society to drive your car within your lane, wait your turn in line, and not Facetime in public (but maybe that’s just me!). Some rules should be challenged. With changing technology and social norms, we are challenging old habits and rules all the time. I mean when was the last time you wrote a check at the grocery store? Challenge the status quo, someone has to.

2. Stop being comfortable. Says the girl who eats the same thing for breakfast every morning. Remember the first time you gave up your flip phone for an Iphone? (No iphone shaming here!) After 36 hours, I actually took my first Iphone back and paid the restocking fee (true story). Look at us now! In 2018, let’s find something to make us uncomfortable.

3. Stop collaborating with your friends…all the time. By friends, I mean, co-workers, because you likely have some comfort in collaborating. Instead, actively seek out others from different backgrounds, companies, industries, etc. What works in their world may work in yours with a little imagination, determination, and elbow grease.

4. Stop creating solutions for yourself. Sometimes we are tempted to say, “I’m also a member and I would love it if I got a free t-shirt!” Yeah maybe that’s just me, and my work BFF from #3. To get to a new solution, it’s about immersing yourself in someone else’s world. The magic is in asking questions and observing what they are NOT saying — and then ask them a question about it. This a great way to uncover insights that will give you both goosebumps.

5. Stop meeting for meetings’ sake. Let’s face it, not all meetings are as productive as we would like. How about next time you are calling a meeting, ask yourself “Can I make this meeting less talk, and more action?” I think meetings that are about taking action take less time and have better outcomes. Okay, I may be making that up. Give it a try, prove me wrong!

6. Stop telling, start showing. Would you go to a movie theater if movies were presented through script only? Most adults are visual learners. And sadly, we often use Powerpoint as Word in landscape form. Find a way to tell stories and show pictures or videos to convey your message. Your audience will not only remember your point, they’ll thank you. Clearly, this one starts tomorrow!

And, hey since most people make New Year’s resolutions before the new year — not to mention January already started — we’re off to a great start with our “anti-resolutions.”

Here’s to an innovative 2018!

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